Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil


If you frequently dye your hair, highlight or style with hot hair, then you should try Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil. Special ingredients rejuvenate and moisturise dry wisps and take care of the scalp. Make sure to match the dose of the cosmetic to the length of your hair. In this case, keep in mind that less is more.

Just a few drops of essential oil improve the condition of both hair and scalp.

What are the effects and properties of Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil?

Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil is designed for the care of all hair types, including dyed hair. The cosmetic is very quickly absorbed, provides glow and helps creating beautiful hairstyles. It prevents hair from static, frizz and tames unruly strands. Thanks to it, hair is nicer, soft to the touch and deeply nourished. The product facilitates combing, it strengthens wisps, prevents from breaking and hair loss. What is more, Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil contains sunscreen and substances that protect hair from heat. No worries, you can enjoy the summer sun.

Oil Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil contains up to six oils and two extracts. Those are: coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, monoi and argan oil and Tahitian gardenia extract and grape seed extract. These ingredients take care of the condition of both hair and scalp. Additionally, they have nutritional, strengthening and protecting properties. The combination of these oils in a cosmetic makes your hair become beautiful and healthy.

How to use Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil?

Interestingly, the less Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil you use, the better the effect will be achieved. Apply Oil to wet hair, then dry it with cool air. Prior to that, create curls or secure the ends of strands from splitting. Invisible Oil can be used as often as you need. Apply it before each hairdo, braid or a bun. The application of Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil is really simple. The cosmetic has the form of mist and you just need to spray it directly on your hair.

Do you know where to buy Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil?

You can find Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil in any large drugstore and perfumery. Slightly more convenient way is, of course, to buy cosmetics on the Internet. Before you do this, you must know that the cost of the product on different pages and listings may slightly differ. Generally, the price of Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil is one of the highest in the ranking. The cosmetic collects good reviews on the Internet and is highly recommendable.

Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil can be used daily before styling hair. It is certainly a great convenience for women who are in a rush, hurrying to work or college and want to look impeccably and beautiful. You will be positively surprised by the effects of the cosmetic and its properties. The best results will be achieved on dyed hair and damaged due to too frequent hot air styling. It regenerates and style curly and wavy hair. If you would like to create curls, use Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil to preserve the hairdo. Many positive opinions may help you choose this product. Oil is easily accessible and the price – adequate to its properties.


  • preserves curls
  • facilitates styling and tames unruly wisps
  • smooths strands and provides shine
  • provides thermal protection
  • effortless application
  • recommend for the care of colour-treated hair


  • blow-drying hair, covered with oil using cool air, takes a lot of time
  • effects achieved during the treatment do not last long
  • oil will not help if you continue styling hair using hot air
  • low efficiency if used daily