There’s never too much oil. How often should you oil your hair?

A lot has been written about hair oiling in blogosphere and not only there. Almost every hair care portal provides information about types of oils, choosing suitable oils to match hair porosity etc.

However, not enough attention has been devoted to answer the question – how often should we oil our hair?

hair-oiling.jpgOiling is one of the most popular ways of improving hair condition. We know its assets very well (effectiveness, easy application, low costs, multi-tasking). We know that there are several methods of application:

  • dry hair oiling – rubbing an oil in hair before washing or a small amount after washing for shiny and smooth strands;
  • wet hair oiling – applying an oil to wet hair (water enhances absorption of the oil) before washing or right after using a shampoo;
  • oiling in a bowl – soaking hair in a bowl filled with warm water and oil mixture; this method is said to bring the best results;
  • spray oiling – applying an oil to hair with an atomiser, usually after mixing the oil with water or humectant.

Some of the methods require more time whereas others – less. If the oil must be washed down, it takes a bit more time. Oils applied to clean hair as a finish touch are not as time-consuming. It is quite simple but there are still a few important questions that need to be answered.

How often should we apply hair oils?

It is said that the oil should be applied at least once a week for satisfactory effects. It is supposed to replace a hair mask that is used every few washes. The quality that hair oils and masks have in common is very intensive action and the fact that both products must stay on hair at least fifteen minutes. Hair oils can be applied for the whole night whereas it isn’t recommended in case of hair masks.

The best thing about hair oils: the more often you apply it onto hair, the better and quicker effects you can expect. Feel free to use the oil twice a day but remember to wash it off thoroughly and use small amounts. Using the oil more than once a week isn’t going to do any harm to our hair.

Does the oiling method have an influence on how often we should use oils? Definitely, it doesn’t. The method – dry oiling, wet oiling or oiling in a bowl – has nothing to do with how often you should oil your hair. You can often do it but always choose a suitable amount of the product to e.g. avoid greasy hair.