Hair oil treatment. Where can you find affordable hair oils?

It is said that effective treatment must cost you. We experience it almost every step of the way, for example by looking at the price list of services in the first better beauty salon. It is time to dispel this myth and say it loud and clear HAIR CARE WITH OIL does not have to cost much.

Where can you get hair oils? What is the price of good oil?

hair-oil-treatment.jpgNatural hair oils are a source of essential to hair nourishing ingredients (vitamins, minerals and fatty acids). It is way it is worth to use them on hair as an entirely individual treatment. Hair oiling can be an addition to everyday hair care, but in many cases can in great way replace conditioners, hair masks or even regenerating treatments.

We differentiate thee basic oil types:

  • hair oils for low porosity hair (with high content of saturated fatty acids),
  • hair oils for medium porosity hair (with high content of monounsaturated fatty acids),
  • hair oils for high porosity hair (with high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids).

Fatty acids content in a hair oil is a key to determine for what hair type it is best. Information on the amount of given fatty acids oil contains can be found on every website with semi-finished cosmetic products. While, hair porosity can be determined by performing simple test in a glass with clear water. For more information you can search in other articles.

Where can you get hair oil?

Your first steps should be towards… kitchen cabinet. There you can find the basic hair oils, e.g. sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil or universal olive oil. You can of course try unrefined (more nourishing substances in the composition) versions of this oils, which you can buy in, for instance shops with semi-finished cosmetic products (also online) and some drugstores with natural cosmetics. It is best to buy at places with the highest number of good opinions, that take care of distribution of organic cosmetics. There it is more certain that you get more expensive and harder to obtain oils, like argan, macadamia, jojoba or even Indian hair oils.

Hair oil price

It is impossible to determine the cost of hair oil. It all depends on what you decide and how much of it you need. There are oils which by virtue of difficult and time-consuming pressing process cost a lot, e.g. argan oil. There are also such oils you can buy in really affordable price. Among them are, for example coconut oil, which works best on low porosity hair and costs as much as a pack of cigarettes. Obviously, you will spend more on, e.g. products based on oils, but you have to take into consideration that these are complex solutions combining best oils for a given problem in perfect proportions. For this type of cosmetic you will pay a bit more.