Hair styles for damaged hair

If your hair are overly dry, fatigued and damaged with hairdresser’s treatments, drying, backcomb, an elastic band, intense sun or dry air from radiators – you shouldn’t additionally torment them with elaborate hair styles.

Ties, curls and buns requiring large amount of hair spray, gel or mousse as well as such hair styles that will need you to use hair grip, elastic band with metal elements or other accessories can contribute to damaging the hair.

hair-style.jpgIf you care about your hair regaining their condition, elasticity and gloss, try some below hair styles.


A bun that does not require pulling hair nor tying them with a band. It protects hair against freeze, sun and strong wind, while making it impossible for unruly hair to tangle.

This type of bun can be made low on the neck to make the hair style more sophisticated or high on the top of the head – so it would fit almost every stylisation. This hair style’s execution is simple: just take some hair pins. These have wide gap between the teeth, so do not pull hair, only hold strands together. First gently wrap hair and step by step while twisting them on the neck (or the top of head) secure hair style with hair pins. The entire hair style can be preserved with delicate lotion.


If your hair are long or shoulder length long – you can just make a plait, which shouldn’t be made too tight nor tied with a tight elastic band. Loose plait made on the back or on the side and that starts right behind the ear will be perfect hair style to protect hair against damages. Remember that for tying it you should use delicate, best smooth hair ties, which will not pull hair. Plait will gain beautiful look and hair will remain healthy if for stylisation you will use natural oil. Hair are going to be easier to style and plait gains gloss and colour.

Uncanny advantage of the aforementioned hair styles is also that when you have to untie hair and you want them to look good – these hair styles will provide hair with nice shape and natural volume. Just run with your fingers through the hair, and treat ends with some natural oil to ensure fresh, glossy appearance free of frizzing.