How to nurture your hair and skin? Use water softener FITaqua filter.

Every girl knows that hard water has negative influence on hair and skin. Strands become dry, lustreless and fragile, and the skin – irritated. How to fix this?

What do you do when even the best cosmetics do not help? Try a water softener – FITaqua filter.

beauty.jpgFITaqua – how does it work?

FITaqua filter comprises Copper and Zinc, which limits the amount of chlorine, calcium and magnesium occurring in water. These substances make water hard and leave drying and irritating residue on the skin and hair. The aim of the device is not the removal of the sediment, but coating water molecules so that they become soft and safe for your body. FITaqua filter also stops herbicides, pesticides, mycelia, iron and sediment from the pipes. Numerous certificates confirm the effectiveness of this tool.

FITaqua – who is it for?

Such water softener and filter is recommended for girls who have damaged and dry hair with high porosity. The device will be perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin and struggling with dandruff, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. If you have normal skin and hair, the effects, which are guaranteed by FITaqua, may be unnoticeable. The device is also recommended for lazy people. If you are tired of removing sediment from bathroom fittings, install the filter.

FITaqua – what are the effects?

After washing your hair it becomes very soft and easy to style. The skin is perfectly smooth to the touch and relaxed. You might not even use lotions or moisturisers. Did you know that soap and shampoo foams better in soft water? What are the effects? The skin is cleansed better, oiled and nurtured. You cannot wait for the moment when your hair and skin become nicer and healthier? You must be patient. Unfortunately, the positive results will not be noticeable as fast as you think.

FITaqua – useful information

This filter is a universal device, easy to install and use. It can be fitted it in the shower. You can place it foe example next to the nozzle. The size is universal for all types of shower. Keep in mind that the filter should be replaced after using up 5 thousand litres of water or about 3 to 6 months of use. The device is available to buy online stores or stationary in shops with bathroom supplies.